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WTOC Weather Garden I'm Radar the Weather Feline
Is it time for dinner yet?
"Radar" The Weather Feline

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When "Radar" wandered into our WTOC weather garden he wasn't expecting to find the home he had always dreamed of... but today he wouldn't change a thing. He wasn't always the friendly well groomed cat you see today. For his first years he was fending and taking care of himself so it took a little coaxing to get him to trust us.

At first he was very wary, watching meteorologist and gardener Patrick Prokop work in the garden during the winter months, wondering what would be his dinner that day. Upon seeing his return each day, Pat started leaving cat food out for him. He would eat it after Pat had left. "I started to call him Radar because he always seemed to know where I would leave the food for him, as if he had his own Food radar'" said Pat. But as Pat continued to be loyal feeding him each night he slowly warmed up.

He began to look forward to his visits and was slowly nudging up close enough so he could pet him. What developed after that is a match made in heaven and everyone has found the relationship beneficial. Then Jody Chapin started to warm up to him and then Ron Wallace, followed by most of the crew at WTOC-TV. It didn't take long for Radar to make many friends. Jody took him to the veterinarian and Radar was given a clean bill of health and neutered.

One of Radar's favorite games is "Catch the hand pulling the weed." This is when he hides in the foliage while Pat is pulling weeds when all of a sudden, a sandy furry paw swats his hand pulling at a weed (no claws used) and then would run and hide for his next attack. He also gives aid to Pat and Ron when they take their daily meteorological observation from the weather station located in the back of the garden.

Radar loves the camera and the garden-chasing butterflies to occupy his time rather that wondering where his next meal will come from. With a little bit of TLC his fur now shines and his ears are tick free. He makes Doppler Manor his permanent home (The dining room). He enjoys being part of our SKYTRAK weather team and loves to lead garden tours.

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