Solider Back Home After Five Years

Sergeant Eddie Kinsey
Sergeant Eddie Kinsey

Fresh from the fight. One soldier is back home from nearly five years on the ground in Iraq.

WTOC first told you about Sergeant Eddie Kinsey back in February, when we brought his family to our studio to talk to him via satellite in Iraq.

It's the moment grandparents Mable and Eugene Young have been anxiously waiting for, the chance to sit across the table from their beloved grandson Eddie.

"This is a great joy, this is what we have been praying for," said Mable Young.

Kinsey is a Sergeant with the 98th Maintenance Company. He was stationed in Iraq on and off for the last four years, and hasn't had the chance to come home to see his family in almost five.

"It's been a long time to be away from the family takes a toll," said Kinsey.

It takes a toll on his family too, especially his wife Michelle.

"It's lonely when you hear about a soldier getting killed you never know if your going get that knock on your door. Really that is one thing you always think about, "said Michelle.

When I last spoke with Kinsey via satellite he said he couldn't wait to come home and eat some good food and that's exactly what we found him doing.

"He is getting what he asked for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. When he walked in the door he said grandma do you remember you promised to take me to Cracker Barrel," said Mable.

Once Sergeant Kinsey's leave is over, he's off to Alaska where he is stationed.

So far hasn't heard if he needs to go back to Iraq, but if the call comes he says he's ready.

"That's the sacrifice you take being in the United States Army as I wear a uniform I wear it with pride and if I got to go I go," said Kinsey.

Kinsey is planning to stay in Savannah for the rest of the week.

Reported by: Brooke Kelley,