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WTOC Top Teen--Albert McGraw

Albert McGraw Albert McGraw

Albert McGraw, 17, is a junior at Johnson High School. He spends most of his time in the engineering technology room building robots.

"The cool thing is you sit in the front of a computer and you type for hours and you then download the information to a robot and you get to see what you spent your time doing in an object and you get to bring it to life," said Albert.

Albert is the captain of the robotics team and he has led the team to several victories, including first place in the state championship robotics competition.

"It feels pretty good," he told us.

Teacher Lori Derf says she nominated Albert because so many of his peers look up to him.

"Albert is one of those incredible students that decided when he is going to take something on, he goes all the way and he doesn't start something and drop it," said Derf. "He wants to learn more."

Albert says one day he wants to be a software engineer for a major corporation. With all the competitions he has won,  Albert is well on his way to achieving his career goal.

"It feels pretty good to have some the work I've been doing recognized," he said.

All that work is why Albert McGraw is this week's WTOC Top Teen.

Reported by: Brooke Kelley, bkelley@wtoc.com

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