Emergency Crews Are Working With Residents After Jet Crash

Emergency crews continue to clean up after the Blue Angels jet crash.
Emergency crews continue to clean up after the Blue Angels jet crash.

As the investigation into the Blue Angels jet crash in Beaufort continues, many in the area are hoping things will soon get back to normal.

Emergency Management director, William Winn says emergency crews are working closely with the military, trying to get everything back to normal for residents in the area.

When Lt. Commander Kevin Davis got into his jet Saturday at the air show, no one could have predicted that it would crash, injuring eight people on the ground and damaging eight homes in the area.

But emergency workers are always prepared, "there's a lot of sadness in it, in that we lost an American Hero, a good pilot, and we are saddened by that," said Winn. "But we are emergency services people and it's our job to get out and protect the community and do what we can."

And from the minute the jet went down, local emergency personnel have been working beside the military to support their efforts. "It's a good working relationship," said Winn. "We've identified what needs to be done and everyone is eagerly working to accomplish that as we can, but it's a slow process and it's going to take us some time."

Firefighters also took a flag from one of their stations to drape over this hero out of respect. "You never want to see this and I hope I can go the rest of my career not seeing anything like this again," said Chief Harry Rountree of the Burton Fire Rescue.

While investigators try to find out the cause of the crash, emergency workers are doing their part. "Some have been here for several days," says Rountree. "They've taken short breaks and came right back. We're committed to the Marines and the Blue Angels."

Winn says crews are working with residents whose homes have been damaged and are making sure they know how to file claims with the government.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey, jdailey@wtoc.com