No Shortage of Brews in the Boro...Coffee, That Is

No one would confuse Statesboro with Seattle. But you wouldn't know it from the coffee. The whir of espresso machines fills every part of town as folks get their fix at all hours.

"In the morning, we see the usual cars driving up," said Erick Sorrells of Midtown Coffeehouse. "We know exactly what they want and we start it for them."

In the past year, four coffee shops opened, including the biggest name in the business, Starbucks, locating at Georgia Southern and branching out already. As a company, Starbucks won't let local managers say how well one place is doing. But construction on a second location at the Statesboro Mall says enough.

"We've had 20 restaurants open too so it's not just coffee. It's Statesboro in a growth spurt," explained Rhonda Rodenwalt of The Daily Grind.

Rhonda opened The Daily Grind 7 years ago. She says coffee houses sell atmosphere as well as mochas and lattes.

"There's nothing better than a good cup of coffee and a good book and a place to relax cause we all live in such a hectic time. Everybody needs a quiet corner to get in some time.," she noted.

No one is sure how many shops a town this size can support. But even more may be on the way if customers and cash keep pouring in.

" Just like the rest of the country, there's money to be made here in coffee," Sorrells said with a laugh.

Starbucks plans to open their mall location during the summer. Other developers have announced more shops, including a coffee shop/ martini bar in downtown Statesboro.

Reported by Dal Cannady,