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A Wildfire on Fort Stewart is Causing Problems for Neighboring Towns

Bulloch County Church Bulloch County Church
Bulloch County Road Bulloch County Road

A wildfire is burning on Fort Stewart, it has been for about a week and it's causing problems for neighboring towns traveling as far as Effingham county. The fire started in the artillery impact area on base and burned more than 2 thousand acres so far.

The fire is contained, but the heavy smoke is drifting to other communities.

Rose Brown normally spends most of her time outside, but today she could only step outside for a few minutes that's because the smoke from a fire on Fort Stewart is hovering near her home miles away from the base.

"It gets on your hair everything when you go inside you can still smell it on you," said Brown.

And breathing is a major challenge.

"At times it was real thick and really nauseated hard to breathe and it's been like that all day," said Brown.

Even on the Bulloch county Bryan county line, that's at least thirty miles away from Fort Stewart, but the smoke is heading this way.

And the thick white smoke covers portions of I-16 in Bryan county, some sections you can barely see the cars in front of you.

Then we took a ride over to Pembroke where the smoke was still pretty thick and the people who live here say it's almost unbearable to go outside.

Leigh Smith lives in Pembroke and says she's lucky she works inside.

"As soon as you open the door outside there is just a wall of smoke that hits you on the face and there's a big notice when you go outside," said Smith.

That's why Leigh and Rose aren't taking any chances, and spending as much time as they can indoors hoping the fire dies down or the wind shifts.

"Just don't go outside any more than you have to because it is really really bad," said Smith.

A spokesperson for Fort Stewart says they are hoping for some much needed rain.

Reported by: Brooke Kelley, bkelley@wtoc.com

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