Neighbors in Beaufort Deal with Blue Angel Jet Crash

P.J. Sauls painting her home
P.J. Sauls painting her home

It's a day they'll never forget, the day a Blue Angel jet fell from the sky and crashed in their neighborhood.

Now, many near the crash site are finding ways to move on.

P.J. and John Sauls say they haven't been the same since they saw Lt. Commander Kevin Davis's jet go down in their neighborhood.

"The plume of smoke and the crashing of the trees, the jet noise, everything it was horrific. It's something I don't want to see again," said John Sauls.

"I can't forget about it, it's something you won't forget," said P.J. Sauls.

Still, P.J. is trying to put all this behind her in her own unique way.

"One of the houses that was hit was blue and white and mine was blue and white and I'm changing it," said P.J. Sauls.

It's her way of moving on and erasing what she calls, a bad omen.

"I think God saved us this time but it's just something strange that happened when it happened," said P.J. Sauls.

"She said if they were going to hit blue houses we were going to change the color of ours," said John Sauls.

While this tragedy didn't hit their home, the Sauls say it certainly has made an impact.

"A good man lost his life, it should touch everyone's life," said John Sauls. "It makes you sit down and think. it really will, makes you respect the people who give us our freedom."

"If this can happen this close to home, it can happen anywhere and it makes you want to live every day to the fullest because you never know when your time is coming," said P.J. Sauls.

While all of this is devastating, the Sauls' say it could have been worse if it weren't Davis himself.

"The guy is absolutely a hero, absolutely," said John Sauls. "If he would have ejected out of the plane, there's no telling how many people would have been killed, we have an apartment complex across the street, Food Lion was full of people."

"He's a hero for what he did," said P.J. Sauls. "He stayed with his plane to save other lives."

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,