Jesup Police Arrest 17 Drug Suspects

Police brought an early morning wake up call to more than a dozen in Wayne County Wednesday. Police, sheriff's deputies, and local drug agents rounded up seventeen suspects. All stand accused of selling cocaine to undercover agents. The arrests are part of a week long Operation Burn Drugs across the state of Georgia. Local officers say putting accused street level dealers in jail helps police in several ways.

"Things will be quiet the next couple of weeks because the other drug dealers will be nervous, be scared and think we're after them because you never know when we'll be knocking on their door," explained Ray Boyles of the Jesup Police Department.

Police found six of their suspects already in the county jail on other charges. In fact, they arrested two people not on their list when they them with drugs and a gun with one of their other suspects. Boyles says more arrests are pending.

Reported by Dal Cannady,