GA Lawmakers to Meet Again on Mid-Year Budget

Georgia's lawmakers are still at odds over the mid-year budget, nearly a week after the session ended. Governor Sonny Perdue is expected to call a special session to redo the budget, which he vetoed. Senator Eric Johnson said he favors putting extra revenue in a reserve fund for this year's emergencies, not a one time tax cut that House leaders are calling for.

"I hope we can put egos and ideology aside long enough to come together to fix the problem," he told WTOC today. "We've only got three months left in this fiscal year. The public defenders are out of money. The district attorneys are out of money. Peachcare is out of money. The school systems need the rest of their allotted formulas, so there's a lot in the balance."

Johnson said lawmakers did accomplish a great deal on other fronts, including passing legislation to encourage more charter schools and more partnerships between Georgia's technical colleges and high schools.

Reported by: Liz Flynn,