WTOC Top Teen--Emi Ren Donpope

Emi Ren Donpope
Emi Ren Donpope

Typical teens spend a lot of time at the mall, or the athletic field, but top teens often spend their time in places like the science lab.

Emi Ren Donpope is a senior at Savannah Christian Preparatory school, and a real science lover.

When she's not in class, you'll find her in the Science lab working on her next science project.

"We learn about things in lectures, and that's great but the labs you get the whole view of what is going on and we can see how things function together," said Donpope.

Emi loves science so much she plans to be a doctor, and has already been accepted to Mercer University in Atlanta.

"Radiology, good things about Mercer is have guarantee into med school which is great because have affiliation with memorial," said Donpope.

Emi says she knows in order to reach her goal, she has to take academics very seriously.

"Academics are very important because I like knowing how far I can push myself and I could be relaxed, but I have always pushed myself," said Donpope.

That drive is why science teacher Bob Graham nominated Emi as a Top Teen.

"She is really wonderful and enthusiastic, and she is real fun to have in class," said Graham.

"Anytime something needs to be done she will help volunteer and has no problem doing that," said Graham.

Her passion to be successful is why Emi Ren Donpope is this week's WTOC Top Teen.

Reported by: Brooke Kelley, bkelley@wtoc.com