Think-A-Thon Helps Kids Think for Safety

Can you think on your feet? Chatham County's top second graders are competing in the 15th annual Quick Think-A-Thon at Jenkins High School. The questions are all about safety, like stranger danger, fire and water safety. The object of the game is for students to answer the questions as quickly as they can. The students had a lot of fun cheering on their classmates, but organizers say the real reward is making sure children know what to do in a dangerous situation.

"If they help save one child's life, if one child can get out of a dangerous situation that saves their life, it's been well worth it," explained Quick Think coordinator Vicki Bradley.

WTOC's own Karla Reddite served as the Quick Think-A-Thon's mistress of ceremonies. The Exchange club of Savannah sponsors the competition.

Reported by: Liz Flynn,