Blue Angel Crash Site Cleaned Up

Parts of Blue Angel jet loaded into trailer
Parts of Blue Angel jet loaded into trailer

From the leaves on the trees to the debris picked up off the ground, it was obvious where the blue angel plane went down.

Saturday, the plane piloted by Lt. Commander Kevin Davis crashed as it was attempting to land after a Blue Angels show at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort.

Investigators from the Navy and Aviation Mishap Board have spent the last five days along Pine Grove road, digging through the wreckage and collecting evidence.

Their work done, The entire plane, now in parts, is loaded onto the back of this semi. Each piece a key to figuring out what happened.

"It could take weeks, it could take months," according to Gunnery Sgt. Shannon Arledge of MCAS Beaufort . "The aviation board is thorough. They leave no stone unturned. They look at everything that was recovered here."

Beaufort Emergency Management officials have kept the site locked up tight so investigators could do their job.

Today was the first time anyone got a close look at the area.

Broken tree limbs show the path the plane took. Leaves on the trees it passed are now black or brown, the result of burning jet fuel.

Folks who live in the neighborhood have stayed away. They say they saw the scene the day of, and didn't want to look again.

The people who's homes were hit or damaged by falling limbs are now waiting for the Navy to help them rebuild.

"We've been working with the claims adjustors for the military to make sure they know who's involved, Connect with and identify property owners if they don't live here," says William Winn Director of the Beaufort EMA.

After a long five days all the trucks, cars and military pulled out, leaving an empty lot and a lot of questions behind.

Even though the wreckage may be gone, investigators remained on the scene for hours looking for anything that may help them determine what happened that fateful day.

The next step will happen at Naval Air Station Pensacola, where all the plane parts were taken, and will be analyzed.

A memorial mass is being held for Lieutenant Commander Kevin Davis at the Catholic Church of the Holy Spirit in Pensacola Thursday night.

On Saturday a private memorial service takes place at Naval Air Station Pensacola.

He'll be buried with full military honors.

The family asks in lieu of flowers that donations be made in Davis' name to the Make A Wish foundation.

Reported By: Andrew Davis