Top Teacher--Tim Mincey

Algebra can be a little tough for some students to grasp, but math teacher Tim Mincey tries to make it fun while teaching at the same time for his eighth grade students at Langston Chapel Middle School in Statesboro.

"A lot of students don't like math when I first get them, but you have to use humor, you have to show them that care about them" said Mincey. "If they allow you into their world, they'd do anything for you, but you have to show them respect."

And his show of respect, along with what he calls "keeping it real", has made him quite popular with students throughout his 17-year teaching career.

"You have to show them that you also didn't make all A's in school," said Mincey. "You kind of struggled a little bit. That helps them actually to know that you had some difficulties in your life as far as in school."

"Every student in the school likes Mr. Mincey," said student Joshua Mincey. "Every student. He's a great teacher. He makes everything clear, crystal clear. he breaks it down, understandable."

Mr. Mincey admits he runs a tight ship in his classroom, but even if his students don't remember all of the math formulas in the future, he wants them to remember this-

"I want them to remember that I was tough on them but I already know where they are going and I want them to know that I was just trying to push them toward the right direction," said Mincey.

So for his dedication to students being the best they can be, Tim Mincey is this week's WTOC Top Teacher

Reported by: Karla Redditte,

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