Jesup Mourns 14-Year-Old Killed In Hit And Run

Friends and family are reeling after a 14-year-old Jesup boy was killed by a passing car this week.

It's a situation that's got people angry, because the driver never stopped to help.

Whatever Sammy Holland did, you could be sure his bike wasn't too far away; but nobody could guess his last moments would be on that same bike.

"I couldn't see nothing because it was so dark," said Sammy's friend, Allen Hall, who was with him Monday night. "But I seen his bike sparking and everything on the side of the road."

Investigators say 27-year-old Misty McCombs was driving a pickup truck that hit Holland. What's worse is they're charging McCombs and her sister, 24-year-old Amanda Spell, with taking off after the accident.

"And when they sleep tonight, I just want to know how well they sleep, because my sister will not," said Sammy's aunt, Denise Young. "Because tomorrow we bury her only son."

Since Monday night, Sammy's friends and family keep finding themselves gravitating back to the corner of Rayonier Road and Tyre Road, where a makeshift memorial has slowly been growing.

"We come out here the next day and I found some duct tape on the side of the road and I started this little cross," said another one of Sammy's friends, Brandon Busler. "And it's just added on since."

It's a comforting first step for people who've felt helpless for the last few days.

"I just cried. There was nothing I could do about it," said Hall.

"He was one of the best things to happen and he's gone," said Sammy's girlfriend, Bridgette Nelson. "And I can't fix it."

A fund has been set up to help offset the costs of Sammy's funeral. People who want to help can contact Rinehart and Sons Funeral Home at 912-427-3718.

Not only are McCombs and Spell being charged with leaving the scene of the accident, but investigators say they both appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,