Donations Needed for Firefighters in Ware County

Firefighters United is looking for donations and volunteers to help firefighters battling the blaze in Ware County get the supplies they need.

The group is holding a donation drive. They are asking the public to donate any of the following listed items....MOST URGENTLY NEED ITEMS IN RED:

Aqua Cool Wraps
D batteries
Bottle water
Allergy medicine, non - drowsy
Candy bars
Cigerettes/dip - (ex. skoal), chewing tobacco
Sole inserts
Insect repellant
Bungee cords

Glow sticks
Slim Jims/beef jerky
AA & AAA batteries
Vitamin C drops
Sunglasses with strings

Footpowder - travel size
Baby power - travel size
Baby oil
Nasal spray
Hand towels

Fruit cups
Jell-O cups
Q - tips - travel size
Wet wipes - travel size
M, XL or XXL men's t - shirts
Plastic/to go silverware - individually wrapped
S, M, L women's t-shirts
M, L women's panties
Chewing gum
Lip balm
Toothpaste - travel size
Shaving cream - travel size
Chips - individual bags
Kool-Aid - individual packs
Shampoo - travel size
One dose saline eye wash/drops
Beanie Weanies - small cans
Tuna snack packs (with crackers if possible)
Little Debbie's (they seem to like the honey buns, coffee cakes and nutty buttys)
Raisins - individual boxes
Oral B Brushups
Vienna sausage - (small cans)
Granola bars
Can drinks (Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, Mountain Dew, etc.)

All items can be dropped off at one of the following locations:

D & E Builders at 1132 West Hwy 80, Pooler, just past the Piggly Wiggly on the right. If you need directions please call Tracie at (912)450-4499.

Chamber of Commerce of Pooler, West Hwy 80.

Coastal Car Care - Wilmington Island, Hwy 80 and Bull River.

City Hall in Bloomingdale, West Hwy 80.

Gerrald's Heating & Air -100 Edsel Dr.-Richmond Hill

Tybee Island Gym- Butler Ave - Tybee Island

Mellow Mushroom - Downtown

Bogey's - corner of Abercorn and Largo

The Salvation Army is also looking for donations of 1 gallon canned vegetables (ex. corn, green beans, peas, potatoes, beef stew). These items can also be dropped at one of the above locations and Firefighters United will deliver them with the other donations.

Firefighters United is a group of local firefighters that have already been down to Ware and Charlton counties to fight this massive wildfire.

According to the group, organizers have spoken with FEMA and have met with staff controlling the supply rooms for firefighters in Ware County. Donations will be collected and transported every Wednesday and Saturday to the firefighter staging area so crews working hard to put out the flames get the supplies they need. More deliveries can be scheduled if needed.

Any and all donations are appreciated.

The group is also looking for volunteers to assist in collection and delivery of items.

If you are interested in volunteering or if you want more information, please call volunteer firefighter Kyle Rausch at 912.604.3447 or event/research coordinator Katina Herrin at 912.228.2434 or 912.748.4284. You can also contact Michael at 912.657.3698.