Drive to Help Firefighters Battling Wildfires in Southeast Georgia

More than 900 firefighters are spending time away from their homes and continuing to battle those wildfires in Southeast Georgia. At last count the fires have burned 96 thousand acres. Flames have destroyed millions of dollars in timber, and the lack of rain is not helping. For almost three weeks hundreds of firefighters from all over the United States have worked around the clock to get the wildfires under control.

Tybee firefighters Kyle Rausch and Michael Locklear are spending their day getting their trucks ready for their next call, and that call could be for them to head to help fight the wildfires in Ware and surrounding counties. Kyle has been there once already to help, Michael is eager to go.

930 firefighters from as far away as California are fighting these fires.

"They need help severely at the front lines with moving the staging area more firefighters they are running out of supplies and they are not getting to them fast enough," said Rausch.

Kyle and Michael want to make sure that doesn't continue-and hope you feel the same way. That's why they've set up drop boxes like this one around Chatham County.

Several firefighters from here in Coastal Empire know what it's like to be on the front lines, in Atkinson, Charlton and Ware counties. So they know the types of items the firefighters need, items such as water, band aids, and even granola bars.

"It's physical and demanding you spend a lot of hours out and away from the staging areas," said Rausch.

"It's nothing that you have seen when it comes to structures or house fires these guys are working hard around the clock 12 to 24 hours," said Rausch.

So this weekend they are hoping to collect items like these so the firefighters on the line get what they need, when they need it.

"The things they need is what's gonna get them through the day and without these things it's hard," said Locklear.

Kyle plans to deliver the donated supplies early next week, and will keep making the trip as long as the fires keep burning.

Reported by: Brooke Kelley ,