Beaufort County Officials Asking Residents to Use Lane Reversals

We're still keeping an eye on the traffic caused by the McTeer Bridge on Lady's Island.

At a news conference today, Beaufort County officials put rumors about the bridge repairs to rest, saying the Woods Bridge is sound and in good shape to handle all of the traffic. They say that the traffic they're allowing on the McTeer Bridge has not caused any further damage. Even though traffic is beginning to improve, they did have some delays today because drivers did not take advantage of the lane reversal on the Woods Bridge this morning.

"We really need people to use our lane reversals, the first day we had a lot of people show up, the next day it was less, and today not as many as yesterday and they're missing the reversals and the traffic is backing up."

The lane reversal, going off the island to Beaufort begins at 5:30 to 7:00 in the mornings and officials are asking that you get there in plenty of time to keep traffic flowing.

They say they are continuously monitoring the situation and will make changes as they see fit. William Winn says the traffic center is reading all the emails coming in.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,