Walking at Work Day

Some well-known Savannahians laced up their shoes and took to the streets today.

Folks with the City of Savannah, workers at St. Joseph's Candler and others gathered in the parking lot of St. Joseph's Candler Hospital with Mayor Otis Johnson and St. Joseph's Candler president and CEO Paul Hinchey for the 1st annual Walking at Work Day. Both Johnson and Hinchey said it's good to get out and get exercising.

"Well I decided to get involved because I'm a recovering heart patient and now I keep a strict work out regimen to keep my heart pumping and my lungs working properly. So I'm using my experience as encouragement to keep people from going through what I went through," said Johnson.

"I have a busy schedule and am always complaining about not being able to exercise so now I'm going to make an effort to not park close to the building, also I will no longer take an elevator, I will walk up and down the steps to get up to that 5,000 steps a day," said Hinchey.

Walking at Work Day is a reminder to workers to be heart healthy, taking time each day to exercise.

Reported by: David Hall, dhall@wtoc.com