Top Teen--Megan Maner

Megan Maner is a WTOC Top Teen
Megan Maner is a WTOC Top Teen

This week's WTOC Top Teen is one who is constantly giving back to the community.

When senior Megan Maner isn't studying for finals or the classroom at St. Andrews, she spends her time volunteering.

"You know your helping somebody and you keeping hope alive," said Maner.

Megan loves volunteering so much, she wanted her classmates to get involved too.

So she started a school competition, where each team collects soda pop tabs.

All the proceeds going toward helping the Ronald McDonald House.

"We give them to the house during the pop tab competition, and the house collects tabs and recycle them and money will help off set the deficit which is created every year," said Maner.

Beth Aldrich was Megan's first grade teacher at St. Andrews, she nominated Megan for the top teen award. She says she's enjoyed watching Megan into a fine young lady.

"She takes academics seriously and she also takes her community involvement seriously," said Aldrich.

And to top it all off, after she graduates Megan plans to work with the deaf and learn sign language.

"Your talking with your hands that is just so amazing, because with your hands you can talk to anybody from different places such as China or Britain."

Her dedication to the community, is why Megan Maner is a WTOC Top Teen.

Reported by: Brooke Kelley,