More 3rd ID Soldiers Deploy

As they stepped off the bus, soldiers with the 2nd Brigade Combat Team knew this would be the last time they'd be in the United States for at least 15 months.  Sergeant William Mikel described what he was feeling, "Pretty much a little bit anxious, a little bit restless; pretty much the normal things that go through your mind when it's the unexpected."

Sergeant Mikel, along with many other soldiers with the 2nd Brigade, knows all to well what it's like overseas.  They've been there before, but that doesn't mean they know what it's going to be like this time around. "It's different every time. You never know what to expect but you just have to hope for the best," said Sergeant Mikel.

Corporal Brandon Ishii feels the same way. He's also been to Iraq already as a Private, but this time he has a few added pressures. "I am in charge of three guys and I know I always have to keep myself aware for these guys."

And it's these guys and their families that are going to get each other through the next year. "My men, us forming a brotherhood, I know we will get each other home because it's what we have over there," said Corporal Ishii. "Letters in the mail from family and from friends, care packages that helps a lot," said Sergeant Mikel.

These soldiers will be in Iraq for the next fifteen months and by the end of May the 4th Brigade Combat Team will be the only brigade left at Fort Stewart.

However, the 4th Brigade won't be at Fort Stewart for long, they too are scheduled to start deploying and are getting ready to go.  Friday they returned home from The National Training Center in California. They had been there for the past 30 days training in a variety of situations that will most likely encounter in Iraq. The soldiers say the training was very beneficial and will make going overseas a little easier.  The 4th Brigade won't start deploying for a few more months.

Be sure to watch on Monday as Dal Cannady takes you inside the training in a special assignment, "Back to the Front."

Reported by: Christy Hutchings,