Keeping Your Bones Healthy

May is osteoporosis awareness month.
May is osteoporosis awareness month.

Your bones get thinner as you age and if you don't take good care of them now, they'll eventually be prone to breaks. This is a condition known as osteoporosis and SouthCoast Medical Group is trying to spread the word on how better to detect the signs of this disease as part of osteoporisis awareness month.

Many think of osteoporosis as a condition affecting older people, but it can actually start when you're very young. SouthCoast uses scanning technology to look at spine and hip bones for early signs of osteoporosis.

"If children and parents are not working to make sure they build normal bones during childhood, those are the people who will most likely end up with osteoporosis and fractures, hip fractures, compression fractures of the spine," said diagnostic radiologist Dr. Patricia Shapiro.

But doctors say there are ways to prevent osteoporosis. Drink milk, take calcium supplements and eat green, leafy vegetables. They also say to avoid soft drinks, don't smoke and get plenty of exercise.

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Reported by: Melanie A. Ruberti,