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Top Enlisted Marine Visits MCAS

He's the new top enlisted marine, and he's in Beaufort County this week.

Sergeant Major Carlton Kent's held the spot about a month now, his trip to the Marine Corps Air Station Tuesday is his first trip to any installation outside the DC area.

Being in Beaufort County Tuesday was a bit of a homecoming for sergeant major Carlton Kent.

"About 31 years ago I landed on the yellow footprints and this is where I started my time, at Parris Island, South Carolina," said Kent. "So I think it's great coming here, visiting the real warriors, because this is where the rubber meets the road, no back in DC."

The sergeant major met with more than half a dozen groups of marines, who were happy to see him stop by.

While touring the air station, Sergeant Major Kent doled out a lot of advice for his marines, and even managed to try and recruit some of them to stay around after their required time in the corps.

"We're at war right now, and we need each and every great warrior," he explained. "If you're concerned about not getting to the fight don't worry, because if you stick around the marine corps long enough, you're going to get to the fight."

Lance Corporal Nicholas Weber was happy with what he heard: "Every marine joins the marine corps to help their brothers and sisters, so I would love to go over there and help out."

The sergeant major didn't shy away from questions about the war, either, saying he thinks a phased out exit will work best.

"We need to make sure we got everything locked and cocked before we move out," he said. "And I know that our lawmakers will make the right decision. I really do."

After that, it was off to another group, with another set of questions and answers.

The sergeant major will be touring Parris Island Wednesday, talking to the young recruits.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,


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