If Your Pet is Lost

Before your pet is lost, Microchip your pet. It's a very valuable asset in helping to unite owners with their lost pets. The fee is only approx $25.00 (varies per vet) and most vets office's will do the insert. It only takes a few minutes and the dog doesn't have to be put under sedation. Most shelters scan all dogs when they arrive.

If your pet is lost:

  1. Notify all of your neighbors.
  2. Call your local Police Dept.
  3. Call your local Animal Control Shelter and go visit the location frequently.
  4. Check with VCA Animal Hospital 355-8898 and the Emergency Animal Hospital at 355-6113. (If their pets are injured animal control will transport them to one of the two locations).
  5. Call and/or visit your local Humane Society.
  6. Call all of the vets in your immediate area and place flyers in their office.
  7. Place flyers at the local post office, bank, grocery stores, school and police departments, churches, etc. Do NOT place them on utility poles -- they will be removed. A pictured flyer is helpful.
  8. Place an ad in the local newspapers and on any community websites (TV and Radio,).
  9. Hand a copy of the flyer to your postman, UPS/FedEX driver and any other employees who regularly work in the area.

Humane Society Chatham/Savannah Inc. ----- 912-354-9515
Save-A-Life Animal Welfare ------------------- 912-598-7729
Pet Assistance League of Savannah (PALS) --- 912-925-7257
Second Chance Dog Rescue & Referral --------- 912-748-6097