Calvary vs. ELCA for all the Marbles

Cavaliers 2005 State Title Banner
Cavaliers 2005 State Title Banner

In 2006 Calvary met Eagles Landing in the Class A state championship, with the Chargers charging to victory.

It's 2007 and time for the Class A state championship once again. And as fate would have it, we've got ourselves a rematch of the 2006 title game. Welcome to the rematch.

"It's going to be a great game and a great series and it's definitely who we wanted." says Cavs second baseman, Kyle Farmer.

Yes, the Cavs are happy with their opponent, happy to have another shot at the Chargers but make no mistake this Cavalier team not just satisfied to have the opportunity to exact revenge.

"We're just happy to be where we're at and to get another opportunity at ELCA on our home turf. It's going to be exciting." says head coach, Kevin Farmer.

Especially since the 2007 edition of Calvary baseball was not suppose to be here.

"Just being in the state championship and proving people wrong saying we do deserve to be there." adds Kyle Farmer.

But here they are with that familiar foe in the opposite dugout the same team that broke their hearts one year ago.

" I think it gives these guys who got a taste of it last year some more motivation." says Coach Farmer.

Kyle adds, "We wanted them from day one. Winning the state title in 2005 I was a part of that it was a feeling of holding that trophy was wonderful, but we also know how it feels to be on the other end watching them celebrate."

Friday they'll get a chance to give the chargers a taste of their own medicine.

Reported by: Melissa Maikos,