Investigative Narrative from Officer-Involved Shooting

The following is from a police report filed on May 30:

On 05/30/07 at about 1540 hours, I was in precinct 3 located at 1512 Bull Street. I heard over Alpha 5 a distress call. An officer reported he had one running from Waters and 39th. I immediately left the precinct en route to that location. As I was approaching, I heard over the radio that the officers were in 37th Lane and it sounded like they were fighting with a suspect.

As I approached Waters from 37th Street, I turned south and looked down East 37th Lane. I did not see anyone so I  continued south on Water and went east on Seller. I went to Live Oak and turned north. I stopped and looked west down 37th Lane. I saw APO Taharka and s/Cpl Grant about two thirds the ways down the lane looking north into a fenced yard. I ran down the lane and asked what happened. One of the officers said there was a signal 7. I looked in the back yard and saw a black male, Anthony Smashum, dob 10/11/65, dressed in red shorts lying on his right side and stomach. It looked like he moving. There was an eight foot storm fence surrounding the back yard and he was locked inside. I pulled the fence down so I could climb up and jump into the back yard. I approached the black male. His eyes were open and his lips were moving. I felt for a pulse and he had one. I grabbed his hand and he squeezed mine. I saw a hole in the lower part of his back close to vertebra. At that time Cpl A. Washington jumped the fence and was with me. I again grabbed his hand and asked him who shot him. There was no response. Cpl Washington checked for a pulse and there was one. There were officers trying to he front gate open so EMS could get to Mr. Smashum. The front gate was finally opened; EMS arrived, and started rendering aid.

At that time, a crime scene was being established. I asked Cpl Washington what had happened. He told me that Taharka  shot the man. I then asked where Taharka was and I was told he was in a detective's vehicle on Waters Avenue. Lt. McAuliffe arrived on the scene and I briefed him. I told him I was going to talk to Taharaka. I went to the defective's vehicle and APO Taharka was sitting the driver's seat. I asked the detective to unlock the door so I could talk to the officer. I opened the passenger door and Taharka was sitting in the driver's seat. I looked at him and said"YOU UNDERSTAND YOUR RIGHTS?" I further said you don't' have to say anything to me and you know that. He said yes. I then asked him what happened. He told me the following:

He and Grant had stopped the man because there was a "67" warrant on him. When they confronted him the man started to pull away. Taharka grabbed and tried to stop him. He ran out of his shirt. He ran north on Waters and then east on Seiler. He then ran through an opening between two houses and into 37th Lane. The man stopped at a storm fence and started reaching to his pants. "I THOUGHT IT WAS A GUN." I shot him in the chest and he went over the fence and it appeared he was still reaching in his pants. "I SHOT HIM IN THE BACK AS HE ROLLED OVER." I told APO Taharka that there will be an investigation and to say exactly what happened.

I then left Taharaka and talked to Capt. Merriman and told him what Taharaka told me. I ensured the crime scene was established and the area was cordoned off. I then went to headquarters to brief Sgt. Jackson.


Sgt. F.E. Peche'