Thanks to All WTOC Top Teachers

Each Wednesday we feature a teacher that's doing some incredible things in the classroom.

Well, now that school is over we gathered all those wonderful people into one room to say one more thank you.

WTOC and The Georgia Ports Authority host a luncheon every year to salute all of our top teachers.

All school year we featured them, the WTOC Top Teachers. Some of the best teachers in our area, and if they didn't know how much their students and communities appreciated them - this luncheon really brings home the point. Top Teacher Loretta Bennett says she loved every minute of it.

"It just makes me feel good just knowing what is thought of as a good pat on the back for doing a good job," said Bennett.

A committee hand picked these teachers out of 225 nominees from both public and private schools from all over Southeast Georgia and Southern South Carolina.

During the last nine months we've introduced you to them, showed you where they work and why they teach. Some are first year teachers others have had their own classroom for thirty years, and some are retiring.

For some sitting and talking with their fellow teachers was reward enough.

"Seeing other teachers from other counties even just to sit and talk about our kids. and how we can relate to each other this just has been a great day," said Bennett.

"This has been a wonderful experience and I thank you for the opportunity this means lot," said Nicole Shuman.

And to top off the day, all the WTOC Top Teachers were treated to our own Sonny Dixon and Karla Reddite co-emcees of the event.

Congratulations to all WTOC Top Teachers, you deserve it!

Reported by: Brooke Kelley,