Missing Dog Found; Owners Still Want Answers

Chester is back home
Chester is back home

To Lisa Roberts, her husband and their son, their dog Chester feels like family. When they get home each evening, they let him run around the back yard, take a swim in the pond and he always comes back. But not the Thursday night before Memorial Day. They searched for him the whole weekend, but no Chester.

"In our hearts, we thought he was okay but we couldn't find him," she explained. "It left a big void and we were broken up about it."

Five days later, they found Chester in the Effingham County animal shelter.

"I just started crying right there. I was so happy," she admitted. "The same night he disappeared from our house, he showed up on Simmons Street in Guyton which is 12 miles away," she added.

A woman in Guyton reported he'd wandered into her yard and would leave, so she called animal control. When crews found him, he didn't have his ID tag and bright orange collar the Roberts have since replaced.

Within a few minutes, the Roberts' joy over finding Chester turned to anger wondering who would take him and why?

"That's cruel for somebody to just pick up an animal, remove his collar and drop him off that far away," Lisa questioned.

"How could somebody pull in part of our driveway to get him?" asked the Roberts' six year old son, Jake.

The Roberts now offer a reward to anyone who knows who took Chester. They want animal control investigators to find them before they take someone else's pet. According to Bulloch County Animal Control investigators, whoever took Chester could face charges of abandonment or inhuman treatment of animals.

If you know anything about the case, you can call the Roberts at 663-8259 or 658-1264.

Reported by Dal Cannady, dcannady@wtoc.com