WTOC Top Teen--Eddie Fischer

Eddie Fischer, WTOC Top Teen.
Eddie Fischer, WTOC Top Teen.

Schools out and that means hundreds of kids are spending time at summer camp, and with camp counselors.

17 year old Eddie Fischer is spending his summer break at the Islands YMCA camp. Instead of using his Summer to relax, unwind and recover from his busy school year. He signed up to be in charge of these 10 little campers.

"When your little you want to have a good Summer so I feel like I am responsible

for making sure they have a good Summer," said Fischer.

Eddie volunteered at the YMCA last Summer, and loved it so much he came back, and say he wouldn't change his job for the world.

"It makes me feel good I am doing something for these kids," said Fischer.

YMCA program director Briana Ranck says Eddie is great with kids.

He makes sure they are having fun, and that they behave.

"He's really great with the kids they are always organized structured he know where they are all on time, he really is just great and does all the activities and I feel confident to trust him with the ten lives," said Ranck.

That trust is why Eddie Fischer is this week's WTOC Top Teen.

"If you keep them active they are going to end up doing great things," said Fischer.

Reported by: Brooke Kelley, bkelley@wtoc.com