Hometown Hero--Jaydon Hodges

He's only nine years old and is spearheading a drive to help firefighters in Southeast Georgia and Northern Florida who are battling the wildfires.

Nine year old Jaydon Hodges watched these images of the fires down in Ware County on WTOC. He knew that he couldn't be out on the front lines helping the fire fighters, but he wanted to do something.

So he wrote a letter to the people of Richmond Hill.

"I will turn nine on may 31st, comma 2007 what I would like to do for my birthday is collect items for fire fighters in ware county please help me help the brave men and women," said Hodges.

The response was overwhelming and in just two weeks Jaydon was able to collect all this stuff. He went door to door collecting water, Gatorade, soap and so much more.

"I wanted to help and the fire fighters need help," said Hodges.

Savannah fire captain Thad Dixon spent several days helping to fight these fires, he says the firefighters are running out of supplies fast.

"The firefighters down there can really use these supplies and for the young man especially that young to take it upon himself to use these items, it's really incredible," said Dixon.

Tybee firefighter Kyle Rausch will be taking the supplies down to Ware County this weekend and says having someone so young be so concerned.

"It really takes a lot of heart and it's great to see such an effort put forth by someone," said Rausch.

Jaydon says it was his idea, but it was the community that stepped up to help.

"I would like to say thank you and thank for all the things you did," said Hodges.

And we would like to say thanks to you Jaydon Hodges for all you have done to help the firefighters you truly are a WTOC Hometown Hero!

Reported by: Brooke Kelley, bkelley@wtoc.com