A Little Girl Dead, Her Family Wants Answers

Police say India Boston was accidentally shot and killed Friday night.
Police say India Boston was accidentally shot and killed Friday night.

The day after what police call a terrible accident, the family of a teenage girl is still looking for answers.

"No one in the family can believe it," says Marie Bostron-Carter. "I cant believe it that India is gone, my 14 year old."

Marie Boston-Carter sits outside her home still shocked that she'll never see her daughter again.

"Its different to hear your child is graduating or getting an award than to hear the doctor to say your child is dead," explains Carter.

14 year old India Boston-Carter was killed friday night while sitting inside Roscoe's buffet on Martin Luther King blvd.

"They told me I couldn't see her," says Carter. "But deep down in my heart I felt India was gone."

Police say India was the victim of a terrible accident. A gun behind the counter going off, striking her in the head. The person responsible let go, no charges filed. And that has India's family upset.

"We do not feel like there was a thorough investigation," said Heather Joikenny, a family member and lawyer. "In this instance we are stepping up and saying something's not right, something went wrong and we want and will get answers."

The family is asking for police to keep looking into the case.

To keep investigating how India died, to see if it truly was an accident, or something else.

"Lets make sure the law was followed investigating the scene, lets make sure all the laws were followed because the laws are there for a reason," says Joikenny.

But what Marie doesn't want is other mothers to have to deal with the loss of a child.

She hopes that India's death will be the last shooting in this community.

"It's a life gone, my baby gone," says an emotional Marie. "I cant reach out like I can to my niece my son and say India. I can't do that no more. I got to remember the good times."

Savannah-Chatham police tell WTOC they are still investigating this case. They are waiting for physical evidence to be examined.

But the testimony they received from witnesses on the scene have made investigators very confident this was just a horrible accident.

Police also say that doesn't mean the person involved couldn't still face some form of charges.