Adrian Peterson: Living the Dream

"The Run"
"The Run"
Adrian Peterson at his Brother Mike's Camp
Adrian Peterson at his Brother Mike's Camp
Adrian Peterson
Adrian Peterson

The run made him a household name,

"We were at college right about the same time," says Jaguars QB, Byron Leftwich, "and every time you looked at what he was doing week in and week out, it was an amazing thing."

His game in college caught the eyes of the NFL

Adrian's brother Mike plays linebacker for the Jaguars and he's proud of his little brother, " I brag about him all the time. Whenever guys bring up running backs, he's my number one."

Adrian Peterson is living the dream

"Growing up it was a dream of mine to make the NFL." says Adrian Peterson, "And I try to put myself in the best position to succeed. "

And now he's making dreams come true for high school kids at his brother Mike's football camp.

Adrian might be making the big bucks in the NFL but you can't put a price tag on this camp.

"When we have the opportunity to give back, it's great." he says.

From his boyhood home in Alachua Florida, to his college years in Statesboro, to Miami, the sight of Super Bowl 41, success seems to follow Adrian where ever he goes.

" The Super Bowl, we didn't win but it was a great experience and we are working hard to get back there." says Peterson.

He may suit up in a bears uniform on Sunday's but his heart is in Statesboro

He says, "I'm an Eagle for life."

And life is good for Adrian Peterson.

Reported by: Melissa Maikos,