Aviation Brigade Commander on Iraq Mission

Col. Dan Ball
Col. Dan Ball

The commander of the 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade of the 3rd Infantry Division recently arrived in Iraq. The unit, based out of Hunter Army Airfield now controls the skies over Baghdad under Col. Dan Ball.

Colonel ball told us in an exclusive interview via satellite that even though the main body of his force fly Blackhawks, Chinooks and Apaches, his brigade also has help from Fort Drum units out of New York using smaller Warrior-style helicopters

"They're different than the Apache," he explained. "They're smaller, a little bit harder to see in the air. Good for recon, even though they are armed--they can shoot. Very good helicopter for using in complex and urban environment."

Col. Ball also says that even though he leads the brigade, it's only through the discipline and work of everyone that the job gets done.

To watch the complete interview, click the video link above Col. Ball's picture.