Tybee Island Independence Day Fireworks to Take Place July 4

The following is a press release from Tybee Island City Hall:

Tybee Island, Ga. -The Tybee Island Independence Day Fireworks display will take place this year on July 4. This date represents a change from previous years when the fireworks were shown on July 3. The display will begin at approximately 9:15pm and will be staged from the Walter Parker Pier at the south end of the Island. Produced by the same company as in previous years, this well-received display can be easily viewed from any of Tybee's eastern beaches lasting for a bit under half an hour.

Visitors should be aware that the July 4 Celebrations generate some of the largest crowds of the year on Tybee Island. Traffic in both directions on US Highway 80 - Victory Drive will be heavy, and parking spaces will be in high demand. Parking fees are enforced from 8am to 8pm every day.

Please exercise patience, drive safely and courteously, and leave plenty of time to arrive on the Island and to return home. Departures off the Island after the fireworks can take as long as three hours, so visitors are encouraged to think about staying at one of the hotels on the Island, staying the night with friends, or, at the very least, car-pool and get plenty of rest to stay alert on the roads on the drive home!

The Tybee Shuttle on the Island can also carry visitors from the North Beach parking to the South Beach lot and all stops in between from 10am thru 1am on the 4. As the South Beach lot fills up early, consider parking at North Beach to make finding a parking spot easier.