Indiana Family with Sick Daughter Sues Over Tainted Peanut Butter

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - The parents of an Indiana girl have filed a federal lawsuit against foodmaker ConAgra Foods after their daughter because ill.

The parents of 11-year-old Krystina Brugh believe they know what caused their daughter's kidneys to fail; salmonella-contaminated peanut butter.

Christina and John Brugh Junior filed the suit yesterday, seeking unspecified damages. They say they want the government to do more to test food and make it safer.

ConAgra based in Omaha, Nebraska, recalled all its peanut butter made at its plant in Sylvester, Georgia, in February. They closed the plant after government investigators linked an outbreak of salmonella to the company's Peter Pan and Great Value brands.

More than 600 people in 47 states reported becoming ill, and the company faces lawsuits in several states.

ConAgra spokeswoman Stephanie Childs said she could NOT comment on the Brughs' lawsuit, filed in US District Court in Indianapolis, because she hasn't seen it.

The lawsuit says Krystina had been eating Peter Pan Peanut Butter from a jar that had a product code starting with the number 2-1-1-1. In February, the US Food and Drug Administration advised people to avoid jars bearing that code due to the salmonella risk.

The warning came too late for Krystina, who has been on dialysis for five months. Her parents say her illness has forced her parents to miss work, and medical costs are adding up. On Monday, she is set to receive a kidney from her father.

Childs say ConAgra plans to reintroduce Peter Pan to store shelves in July and is having another company make it until factory renovations are complete.