Alli Pill A No Show

An empty shelf shows where Alli should have been at the Your Prescription Shop pharmacy. "It was supposed to be released the 15th of June. Here it is the 15th - and we didn't get our shipment in," said pharmacy manager John Leffler.

Leffler was expecting to stock his shelves this morning with the new diet pill, but Alli never made it to the store. "The wholesaler did not get it to us today, and they don't show any in stock in the warehouse in Atlanta yet," Leffler said.

It was disappointing news to the pharmacy and their clients. The store has been fielding dozens of calls from people wondering when the pill will come in. Heather Sumner is excited about the new diet drug. "It's just a new product. I'd like to see how it really works."

Alli is supposed to be the next "wonder" drug for people trying to lose weight. Made by Glaxo Smith Kline, the pill will block up to 25 percent of fat absorption. It claims to help people shed the pounds quicker and easier, with a low fat diet and exercise. Alli is the first and only weight loss pill approved for over the counter use by the Federal Food and Drug Administration.

While places like CVS and Walgreens got their shipments in, supplies are limited. Distribution Centers are back ordered with requests for the drug, and the next round of shipments aren't expected until the end of June.

LoCost Pharmacy Manager, John McKinnon, didn't like that news. He, too, had a place ready to display Alli. Now he wants to know why his shelf still sits empty. "I was going to make a call to the distributor. If other pharmacies have it, I want to find out why we don't have it," he said.

If there's a high demand, both pharmacists aren't sure what to tell their customers. But clients like Heather say they'll wait as long as they have to to buy the pill. "I want it today, but it's not mandatory. I don't have to have it today," exclaimed Heather.

You can still get Alli at some places around town. According to distribution centers, supplies will be limited be for quite some time until Glaxo Smith Kline see how the Alli sales do.

Right now, costs for the pill range from $49.99 up to $70 dollars. That's for a two months supply.

Reported by: Melanie A. Ruberti,