McTeer Bridge Reopening

Getting around the Beaufort-Lady's Island area hasn't been an easy task lately.
Getting around the Beaufort-Lady's Island area hasn't been an easy task lately.

Good news for drivers in the Low Country. After weeks of repairs, traffic on the McTeer Bridge will soon return to normal. It's been closed at times, and other times partially since being struck by a large boom crane on a barge in April.

Drivers are very happy to know that the bridge will finally open up for most of the day tomorrow for the election and hopefully things and things can begin to get back to normal.

Getting around the Beaufort-Lady's Island area hasn't been an easy task lately.

"It's been quite an inconvenience," said St. Helena resident Sally Timms.

Inconvenient because while there has been limited access on the McTeer Bridge during the repairs. It's caused a lot of congestion all over town. And all of this has caused many to really plan their trips before heading out.

Timms lined up a half an hour at the foot of the bridge, waiting for it to open instead of trying to fight the traffic on the Woods Bridge.

"I know its going to take a half an hour back through town and possibly get really hung up, so I'll just read my little magazine," said Timms.

But relief is on the way. Beginning Tuesday morning at 6am, the bridge will be open to one lane of traffic until 7pm. the news has many drivers very excited.

"I think it will be absolutely miraculous for everybody," said Timms.

"It will help everyone," said Lady's Island resident MaryAnn Blake. "Yes, people will be a lot happier, not as much road rage."

Officials are hoping the bridge repairs will be completed Tuesday night and anticipate the bridge will be open to two lanes of traffic on Wednesday.

But emergency management officials say it may take some time for everything to get back to normal.

"We have to reprogram all of the traffic signals, we have to move barricades, we have to change some of the signage," said Beaufort County Emergency Management Agency director William Winn. "We redirected some of the streets, now we need to put those street signs back. It's going to be a several-day process, everything is just not going to magically happen on Wednesday."

The McTeer Bridge will be opened tomorrow to one lane of traffic from 6am to 7pm. They're hoping to then open the bridge to two lanes on Wednesday those same hours. However, if they finish the repair work tomorrow night, it will remain open. If they don't they'll be closing the bridge at seven each night until they complete it.

The emergency management director says there may be short delays over the next couple of days while construction crews remove their heavy equipment and is asking that everyone remain patient.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,