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Savannah Tire - Vehicle Preventive Maintenance Made Easy

Today every vehicle on the road has its own unique set of maintenance requirements. Some standard services have changed or become more important to a vehicle's performance.  With changes in fuel systems, ignition systems, transmissions, etc. some new services may be required.

Where do you go to find out what maintenance your vehicle needs?  The best place is your Owner's Manual.  It explains how your vehicle works and has a general maintenance schedule.  It may not cover every area of preventive maintenance needed but it is a good place to start.

We at Savannah Tire have up-to-date repair and maintenance information on hand.  In addition to maintenance information, state-of-the-art monthly training is a requirement for our service personnel.

Just as it is an advantage to have one doctor or one dentist, it is advantageous to have one automotive repair facility.  Some benefits of selecting an independent service facility over the dealer may include:

1. Savannah Tire's ASE Certified Master Technicians have a broad base of knowledge and experience as well as superior diagnostic skills.  They service more makes and models so they need to know more.

2. Savannah Tire utilizes up-to-date tools, equipment and computer generated information systems to help diagnose and repair your vehicle.  Generally, independently owned automotive facilities' diagnostic and repair service surpass the typical dealership service departments.

3. Savannah Tire provides a quality product.  We are involved strictly with the ongoing needs of our customers.  In many cases, dealerships are inundated with recall and warranty work.  They may not have the diagnostic tools or training that is needed to track repair problems.  The staff at Savannah Tire is able to get to know you and your vehicle.  We know how the vehicle is used and what your needs are.  We keep a vehicle maintenance history and help keep your vehicle performing at its best which helps you control costs.

Preventive Maintenance is a proven method to help you get the most from your vehicle. It helps:

Save Money - Based on industry studies it is more cost effective to properly maintain your vehicle than to repair systems that fail or break down due to lack of proper service.

Improve Gas Economy - A properly maintained engine and proper tire inflation will improve the car's fuel efficiency and overall performance.

Avoid Expensive Surprises - Scheduling small expenditures will help avoid sudden and expensive repairs.

Achieve Peace of Mind - The knowledge that your vehicle is being properly maintained and inspected by a trained professional is reassuring.

Extend Vehicle Life - With proper maintenance, today's vehicles will reach 150,000 to 250,000 miles regularly.

Improve Resale Value - Well-maintained vehicles are worth more. Potential buyers value a proper vehicle maintenance history.
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