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Savannah Tire -Tire Rotation and Balance

Did you know that you can save money by keeping the tires on your vehicle rotated and balanced as part of your scheduled maintenance plan?

Although the tires on your vehicle are designed to wear, you can extend their life by proper care.  Normal driving causes your tires to wear unevenly.  The front tires wear on the edges due to turning.  Road conditions, mechanical wear in the steering/suspension systems and even improper air pressure also shorten tire mileage.

  • Do your tires wear unevenly?
  • Do you feel a vibration while driving?
  • Does your vehicle pull or drift to one side or the other?

These are all symptoms you need to watch for.  We recommend tire rotation and balance every 6 months or 6,000 miles.  This will help keep your tires running smoothly.

Contact your nearest Savannah Tire location for your tire rotation and balance needs.

Preventive Maintenance is a proven method to help you get the most from your vehicle. It helps:

Save Money - Based on industry studies it is more cost effective to properly maintain your vehicle than to repair systems that fail or break down due to lack of proper service.

Improve Gas Economy - A properly maintained engine and proper tire inflation will improve the car's fuel efficiency and overall performance.

Avoid Expensive Surprises - Scheduling small expenditures will help avoid sudden and expensive repairs.

Achieve Peace of Mind - The knowledge that your vehicle is being properly maintained and inspected by a trained professional is reassuring.

Extend Vehicle Life - With proper maintenance, today's vehicles will reach 150,000 to 250,000 miles regularly.

Improve Resale Value - Well-maintained vehicles are worth more. Potential buyers value a proper vehicle maintenance history.
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