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Savannah Tire - Little Things That Make a Big Difference

Spark Plugs and Plug Wires: Because most vehicles today are driven in stop and go traffic and for short distances, spark plugs last only about 60,000 miles.  the vehicle may run satisfactorily, but the hidden outcomes of lower fuel mileage, excessive carbon build up and engine wear, higher emissions and premature breakdown of ignition parts more than outweigh the cost of replacement.  A big benefit for a small price from 100,000 mile to 200,000 miles and more.

Timing Belt: The timing belt keeps your engine components synchronized.  When your timing belt breaks, usually the valves inside the engine bend and the repair is expensive.  often the engine needs to be replaced.  Timing Belt replacement is usually recommended between 60,000 and 90,000 miles.

Tire Pressure: Driving on under-inflated tires can be very costly - it shortens tire life due to wear problems, lowers fuel mileage due to increased road resistance, affects steering and stability, and the heat build-up can lead to a tire blow out.  Either the recommended tire pressure listed in the Owner's Manual or the recommended pressure on the side of the tire, close to the rim, can be used.  A tire gauge is a small investment that yields big benefits.  The life of your tires can also be extended by rotating and balancing them twice a year.

Alignment: Holes in the road, curbs and other hard obstacles can knock your wheels out of alignment.  This misalignment causes uneven tire wear, shortens your tires life and can also affect handling, fuel economy and stability.  Check the alignment once a year.

Windshield Wiper Blades & Washer Fluid: Your safety depends on good visibility.  Generally wiper blades perform well for six to twelve months.  When their ability to clean the windshield begins to deteriorate, it is time to replace them.  They are not costly and a clear view is much safer than one that is obstructed.  Additionally, your windshield washer reservoir should be checked regularly and kept full using only approved washer fluid.


Preventive Maintenance is a proven method to help you get the most from your vehicle. It helps:

Save Money - Based on industry studies it is more cost effective to properly maintain your vehicle than to repair systems that fail or break down due to lack of proper service.

Improve Gas Economy - A properly maintained engine and proper tire inflation will improve the car's fuel efficiency and overall performance.

Avoid Expensive Surprises - Scheduling small expenditures will help avoid sudden and expensive repairs.

Achieve Peace of Mind - The knowledge that your vehicle is being properly maintained and inspected by a trained professional is reassuring.

Extend Vehicle Life - With proper maintenance, today's vehicles will reach 150,000 to 250,000 miles regularly.

Improve Resale Value - Well-maintained vehicles are worth more. Potential buyers value a proper vehicle maintenance history.
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