Coroner's Office Releases Cause of Death for Firefighters

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) - The coroner's office says a combination of smoke inhalation and burns killed nine firefighters in a Charleston furniture store.

The Charleston Post and Courier reports the fire apparently started in an outdoor trash bin and engulfed the store and warehouse. As the fire spread to the building, a door blew open and the flames swept inside.

Assistant Fire Chief Larry Garvin told the newspaper firefighters tried to close the door, but were unable to do so. He says firefighters started bringing in hoses, but didn't stand a chance as the sofa and chair material ignited.

Captain Jake Jenkins says the men were spread out in teams when the roof collapsed.

Captain Jeff Harrison says the fire wasn't that big when firefighters rescued two employees.

A public memorial service for all nine firefighters will be held at 10 am Friday at the North Charleston Coliseum.