Too Many Animals, Not Enough Room

One of the litters of kittens.
One of the litters of kittens.

While many are out enjoying the summer sun, most don't know about a big problem that happens this time of year. Every summer, there are more homeless pets than the shelters can handle.

Cats, dogs, and kittens. If you're looking for a pet, the Humane Society and Coastal Pet Rescue probably have what you're looking for. So many in fact, there are more animals than they have room for.

"We only have so much foster space and so if we don't have room, everybody is full and someone has to take responsibility," said Coastal Pet Rescue president Lisa Scarbrough.

Director of the Humane Society Lynn Gensamer says right now, the animals are coming in quicker then they can adopt them out. In the room where cats or kittens are dropped off and evaluated to see if they are adoptable, all the cages are full and some have two or three cats in them.

To stop that from happening, Gensamer says the solution is simple. "The animals need to be spayed or neutered," said Gensamer.

And depending on the organization, that may not cost you a dime. "Everybody needs to step up and don't need to say this is terrible, to see all these animals behind here or see what's happening behind. They need to be apart of the solution," said Gensamer.

And sometimes that means donating a little time to help catch the animals. "Instead of saying make this your problem and call us and we will help with the solution," said Scarbrough.

You can help by contacting the Chatham County Humane Society at 912-354-9515 or contact Coastal Pet Rescue 912-351-4151

Reported by: Brooke Kelley,