Flooding Rains Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Heavy rains fell in the greater Savannah area Wednesday, June 20, 2007.  Heavy rains also fell  in southern Effingham County around Rincon as well as the Bluffton-Rose Hill area of S.C.  Nearly 3 inches fell at our weather station at Wright Square in downtown Savannah with possible heavier amounts to the immediate south and east of that area resulting in widespread street flooding in Savannah.  Less than a quarter of an inch fell along the islands and over the far south side of Savannah.  On a positive note, the tide was going out during the rain event.  The flooding would have been even greater if the tide was high or was incoming.

Some Rain Reports:
2.77"  Downtown Savannah ... WTOC weather station
1.04" WTOC TV Studio ... I-16 at Chatham Prkw
1.65" Port Wentworth ... "Mop Top"
1.90" Thunderbolt ... Phyllis Hardeman
1.66" Midtown Savannah ... Jeannette Mereski
1.75" Savannah East side Forrest Hills... Mark Zeigler
1.77" Near Savannah Mall ... Hidden Lake
1.75" Windsor Forest ... Minh Phan
0.60" Savannah at Whitfield Park ... Robert Turner
0.51" Isle of Hope ... Lucille Christiansen
0.36" Savannah Airport
0.25" Wilmington Island ... Bob & Sandy Flotow
0.23" Coffee Bluff ... Patrick Prokop
0.08" Hunter A.A.F.

1.09" Springfield ... ECHS Brian Holt

2.80" Bluffton, Woodbridge area ... Doug Volk
1.17" Bluffton, Bluffton Park ... Ted Holstein
2.38" Hardeeville at Levi / Limehouse ... Chad Scott
1.51" Beaufort ... WTOC weather station
0.67" Beaufort at Battery Pt. ... Tom Valentino

Radar estimated rainfall Wednesday afternoon.
(Radar is CLX near Ridgeland which is operated by the National Weather Service, Charleston)
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