Beat Back Bacteria from Children in Daycare

Here are some tips for preventing germs spreading among children in daycare. You've heard the first one before, it's pretty simple: wash your hands. Next, throw away old pacifiers. Those little pieces of plastic are holding a whole lot of germs.

"They put it on the floor. They put them on their head, they put it on the table, then they pick it up again," said Rossana Vargas, daycare director of KinderCare.

While you're cleaning around the house, make sure to pay extra attention to surfaces where little dirty hands leave behind big-time germs. Sink faucets, counter tops, and the refrigerator doors are perfect places to pass on germs.

Also, keep your sheets clean. You aren't the only one sleeping in your sheets, thousands of germs are spending the night too. So give them a weekly wash with warm water, that helps cut down on bacteria and viruses.

A final tip, take a good look at your child's daycare center. Colds could come down to a simple numbers.

"Look at the ratio of children to teachers. Ratio of five children to one teacher has shown to be the best to help prevent the spread of diseases and infections," explained pediatrician Dr. Christina Urena.

Reported by: Melanie A. Ruberti,