Ten Fallen Soldiers Honored at Warriors Walk

Soldiers stood at attention at Warriors Walk, a living tribute at Fort Stewart to their brothers who gave their lives fighting for our country.

Ten families were on hand to witness the moving ceremony Thursday. During the day, they said a lot of prayers and shed a lot of tears for the loved ones they lost.

As the names of these soldiers are read off and their plaques uncovered, for some it's too much to bear. They just can't watch, because that makes their loss real.

Once the ceremony was complete, families are escorted to the spot where a tree will stand forever, each one bearing the name of a fallen soldier.

Soldiers like David Kirkpatrick.

"We hoped and prayed we would never have to come down here," said Kenny Kirkpatrick, David's father. "But were very honored his name is here."

Kirkpatrick came with his entire family to honor his son's sacrifice.

"He was a good boy, he was a good son," said an emotional Kirkpatrick. "I wish he was back. But he did exactly what he wanted to do."

Several little boys looked lost. They now have to look at life without a dad.

Even the toughest of military men stand and cried when they think about the people they lost. Some follow those tears with one final salute for their friend, their hero.

"They called my boy an American hero," explained Kirkpatrick. "All these boys are American heroes. Without what they have done for our country, you and I wouldn't be standing here today."

Tiffany Little now stands alone. Her husband, Kyle, was killed in by an improvised explosive device.

"When he left for Iraq, there was no place else he'd rather be," explained a tearful Tiffany. "Even though he knew we were going to have a baby. There was no place else he'd want to be."

She now carries his daughter with her every day. A small reminder of their big love.

"Even though some parents have their fathers who are away and aren't going to be there for their kids, even though he can't be there, he was a good person and she'll know that," said Tiffany.

And Tiffany says after she's born, little Kylie will come back here someday. To see Warriors Walk and to see a monument to a father taken too soon. To make sure she knows: "This is your daddy's tree."

There are now 336 soldiers honored with trees on Warriors Walk.

Reported by: Andrew Davis, andrewdavis@wtoc.com