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Top Teen--Neha Zaer

Neha Zaer Neha Zaer

Today's the first day of summer, but that doesn't mean students are taking a break. One student is doing just the opposite.

Neha Zaer, 13, is spending her summer in in the classroom at Savannah Arts Academy.

"We've been writing persuasive essays," she said, "we are going to take our PSATs quiz in math."

Neha is one of 80 students who enrolled in the Junior University Program designed by Savannah-Chatham schools superintendent Dr. Thomas Lockamy.

The program is for students in middle school who want to learn at a faster pace.

While all these students are using their summers to get ahead of the game, teachers like Debbie Lane say Neha is one student that stands out.

"Neha is a wonderful student," Lane said. "Every teacher has enjoyed working with her. She performs at high levels at everything she does."

Neha says she can't imagine doing anything else with her summer. "I get a good feeling when I am participating in activities, even though in back of my head I have to get this done, it really is fun learning."

After graduating, she plans to go into the medical field. "It's very interesting to me."

Which isn't a surprise to most of her teachers.

"I could see her going into medical school and be successful and being my doctor someday," said Lane.

Her passion for learning is what makes Neha Zaer a WTOC Top Teen.

Reported by: Brooke Kelley,

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