Larry Munson: The Voice of Bulldog Football

He is the voice of Bulldog football,

Longtime UGA fan, Tonya Mounkes, couldn't imagine a football game without the voice, "He is Georgia Football, there are icons, you have your Herschel Walker's, your Vince Dooley's and you've got your Larry Munson."

Larry Munson is entering his 41st year as the voice of the university of georiga football. At 84 years young, the retirement chatter is the topic of conversation among bulldog fans.

"It'll be nostalgic knowing it might be his last year" says UGA alum, Chip Grayson, "and it'll be exciting listening to the testing of the new guys on the road if that's what they do, that'll be exciting too."

"Larry is a legend in his time as they say and he is the heart and soul of our network." says Sonny Seiler.

Over 4 decades, Munson's voice has linked Bulldog fans and still does even in this day and age of high definition, cable, and the world wide web.

"I can't watch Georgia football without it." says Mounkes.

"He's the voice you want to hear, that gravely voice, that he has." adds Grayson.

But is this really the beginning of the end of Munson's career on the mic?

"I've read all these hints that he's not going to be around this season," says Seiler. "I don't believe a word of it. Do I think he's going to be there forever, no but I don't look for him to retire this year."

That would be like a Larry Munson call to the ears of Georgia Bulldog fans.

Reported by: Melissa Maikos,