3rd ID Soldier's Widow Tells Her Story

Inside Dana Hubbell's living room, you'll find many pictures of her and her beloved husband Darren.
Inside Dana Hubbell's living room, you'll find many pictures of her and her beloved husband Darren.

Fort Stewart has seen its share of casualties during the war in Iraq. More than 100 soldiers' lives have been lost, but what about their spouses, partners or families left behind?

One widow who just lost her husband, less than a week ago, shared her story.

Inside Dana Hubbell's living room, you'll find pieces of her heart. From the many pictures of her and her beloved husband, to the many emails they wrote each other during his time in Iraq.

"I had 14 wonderful months and I wanted a whole lot more," said widow Dana Hubbell.

This picture says it all. Dana says it symbolizes her first official date with 3rd ID soldier Sgt Darren Hubbell, back in March 2006. Little did they know their relationship would blossom into marriage the following January. "It was fast. We both commented on how fast it was," said Hubbell.

What came even faster was news that the newlyweds would have time apart because Darren was scheduled to leave in May for his fourth tour in Iraq. "I remember his last words were to not blame God, if something happens to me don't blame God it's not his fault and he told me he loved me and got on the bus," said Hubbell.

The couple communicated numerous times during his tour, especially through emails. The last email coming last Wednesday. "And he told me he loved me and was just answering my questions and concerns and he had to get off," said Hubbell.

The next morning, Dana said a chaplain and a lieutenant knocked on her door with devastating news about her husband. "And at 10pm that night, there Humvee was run over an IED," said Hubbell.

Killing her husband and breaking her heart. "My world just crumbled," said Hubbell.

Dana said this has been one of the most difficult times in her life, but there is something just yards from her front door that's helping her cope. Hubbell said every time she travels down her road to go home, she'll be reminded of the joy her husband Darren brought her with a wreath that was placed here. "The wreath represents him. It just brings it home that he's not coming back," said Hubbell.

Dana remembers a promise she made to her husband and plans to keep it. "To go on living is something very hard to do, but it's something he would want me to do and that I would have to do," said Hubbell.

Sgt Darren Hubbell's funeral will be held this Saturday at Christian Life Fellowship Church in Cobbtown.

He will be the first one buried there and Dana said she plans on setting up a fund in his honor. Part of the money will go to supporting the troops still at war.

Reported by: David Hall, dhall@wtoc.com