A Friendly Game Of Football

They come from two different parts of the world and speak two different languages but when they get on the soccer field their language is the same.

Yannick Moison is one of a 150 French Sailors docked in Savannah aboard the Frigate La Fayette. To make their week long stay all that more comfortable, Moison and 14 of his shipmates wanted to bring a piece of home with them.

"When we go to a new town, we try to play with another team and today is here. We are French and we love playing football," said Moison.

"No matter where you are in the world, you can always find a good game of soccer, same here in the United States even though it's a southern town. We have some great soccer players and we love to play," said Booter Soccer Club member Chris Allifi.

What was supposed to be a friendly pick up game between the Booter Soccer Club and the French turned into a battle of national pride.

"I think these guys are good, but we are better than them, definitely. We are France," said the Frenchman.

But in the end, the home team won.

Reported by: Tiffany Greene, tiffanygreene@wtoc.com