Top Teen--World Changers

It's Summer, which means teens are out of school and spending their break relaxing, going the the mall or spending the day at the beach. But one group of teens are doing the exact opposite.

They're teens who make putting on a new roof look easy. All week they've been hammering away in the hot sun one shingle at a time. And the best part? They're doing it all for free.

Andrew Woodbury and Caroline Deaton are among the group. "I've been blessed so much i need to share that with others," said Woodbury.

"Helping others serving others is the main point," said Deaton.

They call themselves World Changers. They are teens from church congregations all over the US with a mission: to spend their Summer fixing up homes of people in need.

This is Andrew Woodbury's second year going into different communities during his Summer break to help. "They are so pleased and happy that someone could do this for them," said Woodbury.

Not only are these teens working long hours in the hot weather, but they also had to pay their way to get hear, food, and a place to stay.

It may be hard work, but these teens say it's worth every minute. "The reward of doing something for someone else is worth it and the friendship to build and the relationship you receives from this it just escalates," said Woodbury.

"It's hard but you just don't think about it, you just thinking about getting it done," said Deaton.

Getting it done for people who can't is what makes them all WTOC Top Teen.

Reported by: Brooke Kelley,