Hometown Hero--Amy Ambrose

Amy Ambrose is a WTOC Hometown Hero.
Amy Ambrose is a WTOC Hometown Hero.

A local mom spends a lot of free time planning events for people with special needs.

It's called Camp Hollywood, and in this Summer camp the stars are children with special needs. The driving force behind the camp is Amy Ambrose.

"It helps them socialize and learn and to interact with typical children and allows typical children to get over their fears of child in a wheelchair," said Ambrose.

The desire to help special needs children is very dear to Amy's heart, her son 15-year-old Joshua is confined to a wheelchair. "If we didn't have the camp we would be at home not having any interaction and I can't give him everything he gets during the school year with speech therapy physical I can't do all that," said Ambrose.

During the day the students have music and dance class, gym, and learn how to interact with one another.

Camp Hollywood started three years ago at first they only had six children enrolled in the program and now they have almost triple that amount.

Which is exactly what Amy hoped when she helped to create the camp. "I would love to see more support," said Ambrose.

And as you can see with the amount of support so far it's no doubt they'll enroll even more children in the program next year.

Her hard work and dedication to help kids with special needs is why Amy Ambrose is a WTOC Hometown Hero.

Reported by: Brooke Kelley, bkelley@wtoc.com